My name is Wesley, I am the owner KNM - Pest Control Services Inc. KNM Pest Control Services is a local family owned business. We serve commercial and residential customers within greater Moncton. Our goal is to resolve your issue and help prevent future re-occurrences. We are licenced/registered with the province of New Brunswick to deal with Nuisance Wildlife (NWCO) and Insect Problems. We have an array of tools and experience to help with your situation. Call or send us an email to discuss your problem in confidentiality. We are here to help.

Why choose a professional?

The traps used by KNM Pest Control Services Inc are approved for use in the province of New Brunswick. They are sterilized, washed and refreshed for each use. The live traps we use are commercial grade, they protect passersby and pets, and they also provide adequate shelter, from the elements, for the trapped animal. We are vaccinated to protect against the potential spread of rabies. We have commercial insurance as well as valid WorkSafe NB documents, which translates into less risk for our customers. We are licenced by the province of New Brunswick to trap and remove nuisance wildlife, as any person who traps/removes animals in exchange for a fee or service needs to have a valid NWCO (Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator) licence. We also use the most humane methods, approved by the province of New Brunswick, for the euthanization of certain species. As the province of NB requires certain species be euthanized to help control the potential spread of rabies.

Things to consider before you decide to do it yourself.
Some animals will travel great distances to return from the location they were removed from. And not all animals will go back into a trap once they have been in one before. Incorrect use of baits or lures can result in the capture of a non target animal, such as a skunk or even a cat. Once you have tapped the animal you will most likely need to transport it elsewhere, and using conventional traps that could mean the spread of feces and other bodily liquids. These feces and bodily liquids could put you and your family at risk of certain diseases and respiratory illnesses.

Put your mind at ease, call us. We have the tools and experience to help.